Want to know how to connect with people - or your renewed self - again post-Covid? Fight climate change? Recover from debilitating depression? Bake a vegan pie? Or just understand the world a bit differently? Based on their underground know-how and intuitive medizine skills, The Zine Drs. will find just the right zine for you!

These eccentric doctors advise on the deepest and most trivial of problems and prescribe their "clients" with drug-free zine-wisdom only. Participants have a personal consultation where they’re prescribed a zine and discuss how its insights might shed new light on their lives. They leave with an original poem “prescription” that’s typed up by the Zine Secretary during the consultation. A copy of the poem is then displayed outside the consulting room to create a living exhibition.

This installation celebrates the quirky wonder of zines and their insights on the personal, political and peculiar. It also explores the unique ways that zines facilitate vulnerability and connectedness between strangers.
Cant you access your computer printer? Is the toner always empty? Do you hack/mod/bend your printer, typewriter, plotter, printing press, coffee machine,...?

Bring to modded tools or whatever to the first machzinecamp, the parasite diy-printer-mod-camp inside zinecamp . Let's exchange knowledge on kludges and bricolages. Let's collectivly create zines with them!
Ding! Dong! Your order is ready.

Blob Shop collective is bringing the Bubble Punch Machine to Zine Camp in order to serve you free, exciting drinks on Saturday night. Come push the button to activate the machine and get ready for a wild mix and match of ingredients! You will have a fizzy, fun and unique Bubble Punch with a twist.
The WORM Pirate Bay is an entity made up of a physical archive and working facilities as well as an ideology around knowledge and resource sharing. The physical space is an archive comprising (cult) films, arthouse films, zines, books, underground music and publications, analogue films, board games, and remnants of WORM’s production history.

The WORM Pirate Bay has a working space for artists-in- residence and printing possibilities for zinesters. We provide a platform for like-minded DIY creators to
showcase their work. And we can also provide access to different spaces within WORM, including UBIK for movement-based artists, WORM Sound Studios for
musicians and WORM Central Station for performers. WORM Pirate Bay is all about unconventional knowledge sharing and artistic production that might not be valued by traditional understandings of high art. We invite local and international guests to share their knowledge in various formats all free of charge to our audience.

Currently, WORM Pirate Bay is focused on growing and developing in sustainable partnerships with artists and grassroots organisations. We invest in the long-term trajectories of those artists working in WORM and distributing practical toolkits created by community members.